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Urbana Greens


Zachary Buck

Urbana Greens Founder and Executive Director

Zack is passionate about food innovation, its potential for people and the planet. He recently transitioned to a career in high tech agriculture utilizing hydroponics, aquaponics and controlled environment greenhouses. Zack first practiced hydroponics in high school. He has a successful background building complex businesses in finance at firms such as Goldman Sachs. Zack received his MBA in Information Systems and Finance from the New York University Stern School of Business. Additionally, Zack has experience in entrepreneurial start-ups, having founded a profitable online specialty loose leaf tea company.  In his free time, Zack loves to cook and is known for his proprietary chimichurri and fire roasted ranchero sauce. For salad, he will rely on a simple olive oil and lemon base dressing.


Keimar Maynard

Urbana Greens Production Director

Keimar is a dedicated professional horticulture expert with a family legacy in agriculture. He has several years controlled environment agriculture experience working for Podponics, a large hydroponics tech company, where he oversaw production of leafy greens. Keimar graduated from University of Brasília with a degree in Argonomy.

Advisory Board


Waldy Malouf, Director of Special Projects from the Culinary Institute of America. Mr. Malouf is a veteran celebrity chef and restaurant owner. With unparalleled accomplishments and a myriad of connections in the food service industry, Mr. Malouf has put the weight of his intellect to bear on our concept and has been indispensable confirming or denying our market assumptions.



Dr. Josh Stout, Lecturer at Fairleigh Dickinson University, School Of Natural Sciences. Dr. Stout teaches aquaculture and hydroponics with a focus on recirculating systems that model functions of natural ecologies. His research includes crustacean physiology, and its relation to functional ecology and behavior. Dr. Stout is currently designing courses that teach economic, social and environmental sustainability in the context of food production systems.


James Livengood, Co-Founder of Radicle Farm Company. Mr. Livengood is an innovative expert on commercial hydroponics greenhouse development, operations, and production. He has shared his 360 degree perspective on every aspect of commercial greenhouse businesses.


Cesar Perales, New York Secretary of State emeritus (primarily a business department). Mr. Perales is a premier veteran leader of social impact and government programs under Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor David Dinkins, and President Jimmy Carter. Mr. Perales has been instrumental in informing us about partnership options within New York and guiding our social impact possibilities.


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