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Once a Week delivery of Microgreens.  Choose up to 4 varieties consisting of 3 large 7-8oz clamshells and 1 small 2-3oz clamshell... varieties from our most popular microgreens. 


Selection available:  Sunflower Shoots, Pea Shoots, Kale Mix (Russian Kale and Cabbage/Kohlrabi), Arugula Mix (Arugula and Cabbage/Kohlrabi), Mizuna Mix (Red and Purple Mizuna), Basil, and Purple Butterfly Sorrel (not microgreens, small clams only).


Microgreens are vegetables and herbs (some of the same veggies you already eat) harvested at a very young and nutritious growth stage. Microgreens have up to 40 times more vitamin concentrations (see articles below) than the mature plant. Microgreens are older than "sprouts" and younger than "baby greens". They typically are 1-3" tall and have 1 pair of "cotyledon" embryonic leaves as well as 1 pair of "true leaves". Available in many different flavors, colors, shapes, and textures, microgreens can be added to any dish, soup, sandwich, or can be eaten as a salad. Restaurants also used microgreens in desserts and cocktails!


Deliveries are on Tuesdays and Fridays typically between 1-5 PM. Subscription varieties can be changed once a month via email notification depending on availability.  Subscriptions are billed monthly.  Cancel at anytime.  Multiple items will eventually be consolidated to less or a single container in an effort to reduce packaging.

XL Weekly Superfood Microgreens Subscription

Price Options
Weekly Delivery
Discounted over 25%
$131.99every month until canceled
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