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Urbana Greens grows local, natural, and sustainable artisanal produce in the NYC metro area. We specialize in "living" baby greens and microgreens. All of our greens are delivered living or cut to order the day before to ensure an ultra fresh premium product. Our year round greenhouse production process is pesticide free and utilizes many organic methods. The farm is located 10 miles from Manhattan in Essex County NJ. Urbana is a socially responsible company that is committed to the community through education, training, and food donations.

Urbana wants to make a positive social impact and as such are committed to measuring success beyond merely the bottom line.


We believe in strong local communities and our obligation to them. Our business model is vested in the community, creating local jobs and supplying the freshest most healthy food to our clients.


Conventional agriculture contributes to an inordinate amount of global pollution and within decades we could run out of farmable land. Our production methods can outperform conventional agriculture by 10-20 times because our farms consume 90% less water, utilize a fraction of land, and avert pollution runoff.


We believe that without economic sustainability large scale social impact is improbable so we strive to offer uncompromising premium products and services.

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