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Our mission is to provide you with absolute control over what, how, and when you grow your food. Our farms are available for your business or organization without the logistics of ownership and maintenance. Having your own farm is the pinnacle of culinary zeal and your clients will know that you put them above everything else. We utilize controlled environment agriculture methods resulting in year round production that outperforms conventional farming by 10-20 times.

Restaurants are at the cutting edge of culinary innovation.  We want executive chefs to have the luxury to customize their own palette from which their art springs. From baby greens, to exotic herbs, to edible flowers, to micro-greens you will control your produce channel and get exceptional premium product. We will listen, consult, and give you the tools to bring your menu to sublime heights. 

Amaranth Fuchsia


Basil Genovese

Basil Lemon

Basil Siam Queen

Basil Sweet

Beet Detroit Red

Broccoli Calabrese

Brussel Sprout




Cress Upland


Frill Golden

Frill Purple

Kale "Special K" Mix

Kale Blue Scotch

Kale Lacinato / Tuscan

Kale Red Russian

Kohlrabi Purple

Komatsuna Red

Lettuce Buttercrunch

Lettuce Oak Leaf Green

Lettuce Romaine "Remix"

Lettuce Romaine Green

Lettuce Romaine Red

Lettuce Tango Green

Lettuce Tango Red

Mache Corn Salad


Mizuna Green

Mizuna Purple

Mizuna Red

Mizuna Specialty Red

Mustard Red Giant

Mustard Mibuna Japanese

Nasturtium Greens

Pak Choi "Choi Joy" Mix

Pak Choi Green

Pak Choi Red

Purslane Gruner Red

Shiso Red

Shungiku Chrysanthemum


Sorrel Red Veined

Swiss Chard Rainbow

Swiss Chard Ruby

Tatsoi Spinach Green

Tatsoi Spinach Red

This service relationship allows the client/chef to know the farmer, visit the farm, understand the entire production process, remove inventory uncertainty, and completely customize what produce to grow. Our farms utilize controlled environment greenhouses and hybrid hydroponic methods that allow for year round production that outperforms conventional farming by 10-20 times. Our farm systems are extremely sustainable utilizing 90% less water, conserving fertilizer resources, and averting agricultural runoff pollution. Salad greens and herbs will be delivered “living” (rootball intact) which will maximize freshness, nutrition, taste and shelf life. Root intact produce can be “harvested” (cut) minutes before consumption which is an offering rarely experienced by diners. Whenever possible, renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, and bio-gas will be utilized. Any unused food will be donated to food pantry networks. Compostable waste will be allocated to composting programs. Additionally, in some circumstances, aquaponics (symbiotic fish and produce production) systems would be feasible.


We believe that food should be locally produced, pesticide free, and sustainably grown.

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